How can we ignite innovation?

by | Sep 28, 2023

Today’s podcast episode revolves around the theme of innovation. Chris and LACE Director, Ed Sparkes delve into this concept, its significance in organizations, and practical approaches to fostering it.   

How can you turn the value of innovation into tangible actions? Ed underscores the importance of moving beyond mere lip service and explores ways to ignite creativity and imaginative thinking.  

Has the word innovation become overused? Ed defines innovation as finding new things to do or doing old things in new ways. The discussion then examines how innovation aligns with the organisation’s core values. He also adds that there are different definitions of innovation, from thinking differently to breaking the rules, depending on the organization’s culture.    

Ed discusses the importance of promoting diverse thought within teams and allowing all voices to be heard. He highlights the role of leadership in fostering innovation and ensuring that ideas are encouraged and supported.  

Chris and Ed emphasise the significance of embedding a culture of innovation within an organisation, starting with discussions on emerging trends. They highlight the importance of making time for innovation, empowering employees, and having leadership buy-in.    

One key takeaway from this podcast is to create space for innovation by encouraging discussions on essential topics and supporting diverse voices. Listen now for valuable insights into the practical aspects of innovation and highlights its role in shaping organisational culture and success. 

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