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How can organisations master the balancing act of managing change in HR transformation?

by | Sep 7, 2023

What challenges arise when manging change within organisations? This podcast features insights and perspectives from LACErs Cathy Acratopulo and Liz Bailey, who join Chris to explore various facets of change management, particularly in the context of HR transformation, and offer valuable takeaways. 

What is the HR’s role in driving and facilitating change? HR is uniquely positioned to provide a holistic view of the organisation, making it a vital facilitator of change. However, the best results are achieved when both HR and business leadership work in tandem. 

What problems occur when managing change within HR function? Not all HR business partners (HRBPs) are the same, and their readiness for change varies. Upskilling HRBPs will help manage their transition effectively. 

How can HR balance between launching a new operating model and managing expectations? They emphasise the need to acknowledge that perfection won’t be achieved immediately after implementation. It’s crucial to set realistic expectations and actively seek feedback to drive continuous improvement. 

Do organisations need to be honest about the challenges and responsibilities that come with change? Staying true to the change vision throughout the transition process is important, improving business outcomes and employee experiences. 

In conclusion, this podcast provides valuable insights into the complexities of change management, especially in the realm of HR transformation. The episode underscores the importance of collaboration between HR and business leaders, customisation to local contexts, managing HRBP transitions, setting realistic expectations, and staying committed to the change vision. Listen now for key takeaways that can serve as valuable guidance for organisations navigating change successfully. 

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