Restructuring and change: How to navigate difficult journeys

by | Apr 13, 2023

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Restructuring and change: How to navigate difficult journeys

The show’s host Chris is joined by Chris Horton as this week’s guest is Cat Paterson, Director, HR Business Partner at Elastic. Elastic is a cloud platform that helps organisations find what they need faster, while keeping applications running smoothly, and protecting their data against cyber threats. 

Her recent role has been to manage Elastic’s EMEA workforce of around 3000 employees, which is part of her responsibilities as a new hire. We asked Cat to tell us how she’s settling into her new role and what some of the challenges that she’s faced so far have been. 

Cat gives her perspective on how HR has changed not just from pre-pandemic to post-pandemic perspective, but also how the types of tasks and activities that have changed. In the same way that many companies in the technology sector have had to undergo some kind of restructuring earlier on in the year, Elastic also had to do the same. 

There is no doubt that this is a stressful and high-pressure process for any organisation. We discuss how the right approach can make a big difference to your team – from those undertaking the process to those left behind. We also address how many leaders and line managers have never been through this before. We also discuss how to support them in coping with the emotional toll of going through this.   

You can listen to this podcast to learn how Cat was able to overcome the challenges she faced and to learn how using compassion and respect can help both your leaving employees as well as the remaining members of the organisation.

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