How is HR expertise evolving on corporate boards?

by | Sep 14, 2023

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How is HR expertise evolving on corporate boards?

Chris invites on guest Katie Jacobs to shares her insights on a recent CIPD report called “The value of people expertise on corporate boards” exploring the evolving role of HR professionals in corporate leadership. 

She highlights the shift in corporate governance codes towards emphasizing culture, people management, and associated risks, providing HR experts with an opportunity to influence business strategy at the highest levels.  

What are the trends Chief People Officers (CPOs) aspire to in becoming non-executive directors (NEDs) on corporate boards, creating a supply-demand imbalance in the market. The discussion explores how the pandemic accelerated the recognition of HR expertise on boards, making them more receptive to HR professionals participating in strategic decision-making. 

Why have investors become more interested in workforce-related issues?

Investors are now more aware of the importance of HR expertise in the boardroom, and this has led to CEOs and boards to involve HR professionals in investor discussions, particularly on topics like diversity, equity, and inclusion (DE&I) and sustainability. 

What roles can HR professionals play in board interactions?

In the podcast Katie stresses the need for HR leaders to take on a more strategic role and highlights the growing importance of HR professionals in NED positions. 

Listen now for the latest insights into the increasing significance of HR expertise in corporate leadership, driven by evolving corporate governance and investor expectations. Discover how HR professionals can take on strategic roles at the highest levels of organizations and uncover the challenges and misconceptions associated with the HR profession. 

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