Creating a holistic employee experience through talent transformation

by | Jan 22, 2024

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Creating a holistic employee experience through talent transformation

In this podcast, Kevin Green, Chief People Officer of First Bus, shares how he is trying to achieve a holistic employee experience and some of the lessons learnt. First Bus is the second-largest bus company in the UK, with approximately 13,500 employees and is undergoing a significant transformation from an asset-driven to a service-oriented organisation. 

Kevin discusses the challenges and importance of cultural transformation. The conversation revolves around aligning the C-Suite and driving cultural change, emphasising the necessity of focusing on people and the profound impact of positive employee experiences on financial performance and strategy execution. 

First Bus’s transformation journey involves a shift from an operational efficiency-focused culture to one centred on engagement, empowerment, inclusivity, and employee emotions. Kevin highlights strategic approaches, including quarterly engagement surveys, focus groups, and a bottom-up change program using design thinking principles. Kevin emphasises the importance of a collaborative, agile approach that extends beyond traditional HR functions, citing specific projects such as a uniform feedback initiative, and roster restructuring.

The conversation underscores the significance of data-driven decision-making, co-creation and experimentation in driving meaningful change. Kevin concludes by highlighting positive outcomes, including increased engagement scores, improved inclusivity, and a cultural shift positioning First Bus as a great place to work and grow. The holistic and people-centric approach serves as a model for organisations undergoing transformative journeys. 

Listen now as Kevin delves into First Bus’s comprehensive transformation of its employee value proposition, focusing on strategic investments, effective storytelling, and aligning short-term changes with a long-term vision. 

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