How can HR improve the quality of its people data?

by | Apr 4, 2024

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How can HR improve the quality of its people data?

In the latest episode Chris is joined by LACE people analytics experts Becki Lovelady and Nancy Allen, as they discuss the importance of maintaining accurate and reliable people data in organisations. This podcast is a deeper look at the topics discussed in our people data blog.

What are the impacts of poor people data?

Poor data can lead to payroll errors therefore affecting employee satisfaction, wasting time and resources. This diverts attention from strategic decision-making. Becki emphasises the need for a collective effort in ensuring data accuracy, stressing that it’s everyone’s responsibility, not just the analytics team’s.

What challenges are unique to HR data?

HR datasets, notably payroll and recruitment data, pose their own set of unique challenges. Managing and processing payroll data can quickly escalate in complexity, given several factors involved, including diverse compensation structures, bonuses, incentives, and benefits. Recruitment data itself contains a large number of sensitive data sources, which presents its own set of challenges. These obstacles demand diligent attention to guarantee operational efficiency and informed decision-making.

Becky and Nancy also highlight the evolving role of HR leaders in leveraging data to drive meaningful insights and business outcomes. She notes the shift towards valuing HR data as a critical component of business success and urges HR leaders to prioritise data quality and encourage collaboration across teams. At LACE we have been working on a dashboard linking people experience and business outcomes, based on our holistic model.

Listen now to learn how you can unlock the full potential of your people data and drive organisational success.

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