How can HR use outplacement to soften employee departures?

by | Mar 28, 2024

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How can HR use outplacement to soften employee departures?

In this episode Chris is joined by LACErs Debbie Mitchell and Ffion Bennett as they speak to guest Susan Binnersley, Director at h2h Limited. The discussion revolves around the complexities of outplacement, shedding light on its significance during times of organisational change. Outplacement, often included in a severance package, is a benefit offered by employers to assist terminated or laid-off employees in transitioning to new jobs or careers.

Clarity, dignity, and respect should be top priority during the redundancy process. Susan highlights the need for transparent communication, providing clear information to employees and equipping managers with the skills to navigate these conversations compassionately.

Line managers need upskilling and support to ensure they are equipped to handle difficult situations with empathy and professionalism. Additionally, when organisations undergo a restructuring, they should provide resources to support both employees and managers through the transition process.

The holistic nature of outplacement

Outplacement can extend beyond mere job search support to encompass emotional and financial guidance. It’s important to create a supportive environment for both departing employees and those remaining in the organisation, allowing organisations to acknowledge the impact the change will have on morale and engagement.

By prioritising clear communication, equipping managers with necessary skills, and providing comprehensive outplacement support, organisations can navigate periods of change successfully, while fostering positive outcomes for both departing employees and the broader workforce. Listen now for valuable insights into best practices for managing transitions with empathy and professionalism.

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