How can leadership influence energy dynamics within teams?

by | Feb 22, 2024

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How can leadership influence energy dynamics within teams?

In this episode we delve into the intricate relationship between energy dynamics, culture, and productivity within organisations. The discussion builds upon the insights from our podcast “The office ‘lull’: Can individual energy management lead to improved productivity?”. This time, the conversation explores how organisational culture and leadership play a crucial role in shaping energy levels and driving productivity at scale. Chris is joined by fellow LACEr Jess Herniman and returning guests from Dragonfish; Strategy and Research Director, Andree Gowar and Managing Director, Niall Cluley.

Neil and Andree emphasise the significance of creating a supportive environment. They highlight the role effective goal setting, mutual respect, and open communication has in fostering a culture of collaboration and innovation. Providing feedback and role clarity are essential components of creating a work environment where individuals feel trusted, to manage their own energy effectively.

Leadership plays a crucial role in setting the tone for organisational energy. Positive leadership fosters a culture of openness and celebration of success, which in turn fuels productivity.

Not all energy is positive energy

Addressing negative energy within organisations requires empathy, understanding, and perspective. It’s essential to recognise the impact of negative energy on the team and work towards reframing perspectives, setting clear goals, and valuing individual contributions to boost overall energy levels.

How can leadership navigate through periods of low team energy?

One way is to help individuals reframe their perspectives on challenging situations. Encourage them to look at things from different angles and find opportunities for growth or learning from setbacks. Provide mentorship or coaching to help individuals navigate difficult circumstances.

Listen now to learn how you can empower your teams to understand and leverage their unique energy dynamics for greater productivity and innovation.

Leadership is a core component of our holistic model for employee experience. Read more about our holistic model here.

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