How can HR utilise the power of storytelling effectively?

by | Feb 8, 2024

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How can HR utilise the power of storytelling effectively?

In the latest episode of the HR on the Offensive podcast, Chris dives into the fascinating topic of storytelling and its important use case in HR. Joined by fellow LACEr Gemma Ryall and guest Karen Eber, author of “The Perfect Story“, the discussion revolves around leveraging storytelling to enhance employee experience and communication and Karen shares some examples of impactful storytelling from her book.

The power of storytelling

It’s important to craft compelling narratives that resonate with the audience, as being good at storytelling goes beyond simply sharing anecdotes; it involves understanding the audience, their mindset, and desired outcomes. 

What does the science say? 

Neuroscience explains how stories trigger emotional responses and foster empathy, trust, and connection. These emotions can be created through authentic and relevant storytelling. Karen emphasises the need to adapt narratives to different mediums and audiences, especially in the context of hybrid work environments as it can take more effort to trigger a response virtually then in-person.  

Where do I start? 

If you are unsure how to begin, Karen suggests considering the type of audience it will be told to and defining desired outcomes. She encourages the habit of capturing personal and professional experiences to effectively communicate compelling narratives and navigate change within organisations. 

Karen provides examples of both effective and ineffective storytelling, A potential reason behind the failure of one narrative was its inability to engage the audience. The success of one narrative was the result of the story resonating with audience on a personal level. These examples demonstrate why knowing your target audience is crucial. 
Stories are not only memorable but also instrumental in shaping organisational culture, fostering engagement, and driving meaningful change. Listen now to learn the transformative power of storytelling in HR.

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