How can HR support women in their career evolution?

by | Mar 7, 2024

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How can HR support women in their career evolution?

In this episode Chris and Cathy Acratopulo welcome their special guest, Dr. Lucy Ryan, an Amazon best-selling author and founding director of Mindspring Consulting. Dr. Ryan’s latest book, “Revolting Women: Why Midlife Women Walk Out and What to Do About It” is the focal point of this podcast.

Dr. Ryan shares insights from her research, where she interviewed 40 professional midlife women. She identified three main reasons why they leave organisations:

  • Gendered ageism (where individuals, particularly women, face discrimination and bias in the workplace based on both their age and gender)
  • Midlife collision (a combination of menopause, parental care, and other life challenges)
  • The desire for career autonomy or “revolt.”

The conversation delves into the cultural and systemic issues that contribute to midlife women feeling undervalued or marginalised in the workplace. Dr. Ryan emphasises the importance of fostering a listening culture within organisations and implementing strategies like job sharing and check-ins to support midlife women’s career aspirations and challenges.

One economic benefit of retaining and empowering midlife women in the workforce, beyond just moral or ethical considerations, is that retaining experienced women can lead to cost savings associated with recruitment and training. Hiring and onboarding new employees is expensive, and retaining seasoned professionals helps minimise these costs.

Additionally, midlife women often bring a wealth of experience, expertise, and institutional knowledge to their roles. Leveraging this knowledge can enhance productivity and innovation within the organisation. Their diverse perspectives and problem-solving skills can lead to better decision-making and strategic planning.

Listen now to learn how you can create a more inclusive and supportive work environment for midlife professionals.

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