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Social value statement

At LACE Partners, we are dedicated to making a positive impact for a better future. Our commitment to social value is deeply ingrained across our business, shaping everything we do. We are fundamentally different and committed to driving value for the businesses we work with and the broader communities we operate within ensuring tangible, positive outcomes.

Our guiding principles are constantly reviewed and reflect our ongoing dedication to making a meaningful social impact.

Our Guiding Principles:

Social and community

We strengthen communities by supporting local initiatives and causes, helping to ensure everyone lives well and safely together.


We actively support chosen charities, encourage employee volunteering and engage in charitable efforts to give back to our communities.

Jobs and skills

We are committed to creating employment and training opportunities, especially for those facing barriers to employment. We regularly review our hiring process to welcome diverse applicants and use inclusive language that encourages everyone to apply.

Waste and recycling

We strive to reduce business waste and use robust recycling measures in our office.

Employees and client engagement

We promote environmental awareness and protection among our employees, clients and communities.

Equal opportunities
Removing barriers

We provide equitable opportunities for everyone, working to eliminate barriers in our practices and promote fairness.

Health and wellbeing

We prioritise the health and wellbeing of our people, fostering resilience and enhancing both physical and mental wellness.

Embedding Social Value:

We integrate social value into our business by measuring it in our plans and business operations. We regularly track and highlight social outcomes in our CSR forum and provide practical tools and frameworks that align with best practice, without negatively affecting our employees or stakeholders. Our social value efforts support external themes and measures. Our social values are fully supported by our Board who offer advice and direction on our overall ESG approach.