Bridging the gap: Learnings from a HR tech implementation

by | Apr 5, 2022

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Bridging the gap: Learnings from a HR tech implementation

In April 2022 Aaron Alburey spoke to Mark Corden from Parkdean Resorts, as well as Alastair Logan from Ceridian, about some the challenges businesses face when implementing a new HCM system. Who are the key stakeholders that you need to get buy in from? How did Parkdean go about doing it? Find out in the latest LACE webinar – an on demand version of which is listed below.


Key takeaways for a successful HR technology implementation:

  • Focus on the scope and baseline that is really needed in the time frame – not what is wanted
  • Develop early a ‘plan on a page’ which brings to life the first year and its outcomes
  • Focus first on what is “Good Enough” and then what comes next in successive waves
  • Keep it simple – don’t over engineer in that first sprint deployment
  • Set a clear purpose of the project which goes beyond HR and talks to business outcomes
  • Design, Testing and Adoption are the critical phases in an accelerated deployment
  • Don’t hold back on staffing – in an accelerated delivery you need available capability
  • Where you can, backfill and release your A-players to the project
  • Set up BAU for success and specify a date for knowledge transfer to focus the handover
  • Adoption begins early and doesn’t end with go-live. Define your post go-live change approach and team
  • Build champions networks early and at different levels, communicate to them from leadership not the project
  • Use metrics to focus your efforts for change and adoption (e.g. login and completion rates)
  • Recognise the impact on your team, it will be intense and at times relentless – celebrate successes and have fun where you can


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