Charity spotlight: Change Please

by | Aug 10, 2023

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Charity spotlight: Change Please

This podcast episode features guest Cemal Ezel, founder of Change Please, a non-profit which focuses on creating meaningful and sustainable solutions to address homelessness and unemployment. Cemal tells Chris and David Pacifico about his journey and the ethos of Change Please. It is one of LACE’s charities of the year. So today we’re sharing more information to spread the word about the great work they’re doing. 

Cemal shares the concept for Change Please came to him during a transformative period of his life when he was traveling in Vietnam. A chance encounter with an American traveller led him to reflect on his purpose and legacy. This encounter eventually led him to establish the organisation, a social enterprise aiming to uplift homeless and rough-sleeping individuals by offering them employment opportunities through a unique coffee business model. 

Cemal discusses the challenges and evolution of Change Please over the last 8 years. He explained how the organisation started with a coffee cart and expanded its services to include comprehensive support for individuals transitioning out of homelessness. Change Please provides not only employment but also housing, therapy, financial literacy training, and other essential services. 

Throughout the conversation, Cemal stressed the significance of entrepreneurship, innovation, and adaptability. He discussed how Change Please leverages the sale of coffee to generate profits that fund its social initiatives. By sharing the story of Change Please and its achievements, Cemal hopes to inspire others and drive the growth of the social enterprise movement. 

Change Please has gained recognition for its innovative approach to addressing homelessness and its positive impact on the lives of the people it supports. Listen now to hear Cemal’s story and if you would like to donate to help their cause or just to read further into their organisation, click the link here 

Each year our LACErs select three charities to support which represent our core CSR pillars; Community, Diversity and Inclusion and Sustainability. Check out CSR page here. So far, we’ve raised £7,000+ including the match from LACE.  

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