Hear from the authors: seven themes in people analytics report 

by | Mar 30, 2023

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Hear from the authors: seven themes in people analytics report 

We have recently launched our newest people analytics report, Market pulse check: Seven common themes in People Analytics. This piece of research focused on the People and Workforce Analytics (PWA) space and aimed to answer two questions; what are the key trends in the people analytics space? and which challenges will be most significant moving forward? 

In this episode our podcast host Chris is joined by two fellow LACERs and the authors of our recent whitepaper, Julian Homes and Nancy Allen. Listen now as Julian and Nancy gives us a run down on each of the seven themes. In all organisations, there are many challenges that have to be overcome. In spite of how advanced many of the participants were in HR analytics, it was interesting to see that seven themes emerged from the discussion and were cited by almost every participant. 

In our research a range of PWA leaders representing a variety of organisations were interviewed in order to get a better understanding of the challenges they are facing and what they expect to see in 2023. To create this people analytics pulse check, we combined this qualitative data with the perspectives of five HR technology vendors. 

Listen now to hear from the authors for the key takeaways from the report 


For further insight download our whitepaper to learn:

  • How organisations are managing their internal stakeholders to gain traction 
  • What role story telling can play in your workforce insights strategy 
  • Vendor perspectives on technology as an HR analytics enabler 

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