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Date: 01st Nov 2019

Author: LACE Partners

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Life @ LACE – Engagement Lead Eve Edmonds tells us

Nov 1, 2019 | Life at LACE

We sat down with Eve Edmonds from the LACE Partners Team to talk to her about what life is like as a ‘LACEr’ and for her, specifically, what her role involves as Engagement Lead.

What do you do at LACE?

As the Engagement Lead there’s actually quite a few different elements to my role. My main job is to make sure that everyone at LACE – whether they’re a fulltime employee or an associate – feels connected to the company, live our culture and what we stand for. 

We are built on a model of employees and associates and we like to think of ourselves as one big team, working together, to achieve the same goal. From my point of view, what makes us so different is our culture and values, which is the message we want to radiate from everyone in LACE. 

Another important part of my job is the fun stuff like the socials and the parties. We have four big events per year, including the Summer and Christmas Party, then another two in the other financial quarters; we always have something good to look forward to! Alongside that, we have regular, smaller get-togethers with the team. It’s great to be able to create something from nothing with a budget and a brief and just go from there. 

How do you keep the team engaged at LACE?

Aside from the connections between us we run regular webinars and LACEups. Webinars are more formal and are free to anyone in the business. The content can vary from run-throughs of our client work and case studies, to company-wide updates and announcements. LACEups run in the office every other Friday, covering a huge range of topics. Examples can be as varied as a debating sessions and wellbeing or guest speakers such as our visit from Coppafeel’ – the breast cancer charity.  

What brought you to LACE? 

I originally came to London to do my Masters in Psychology of Education, following a background in education, so my role had previously been focused on helping students underachieving academically. Whilst studying, I was offered what was supposed to be a threeweek data job at a tech company, but ended up staying for around three months. Whilst there, I met LACE in our shared offices, as I overheard them discussing that they needed an intern – the rest is history!  

That was just over two years ago now, and since then I have worked in the Research Team where I was responsible for keeping the business up to speed with the latest technologies and releases, research papers and competitor analysis. As the first Engagement Lead for LACE, this is a new role which is constantly evolving and that is an exciting challenge for me. 

What would you say are three words which describe LACE? 

  • Unique – I’ve never worked somewhere that I feel so included and have so much fun but yet we’re really good at getting the job done.  
  • Supportive – As an example I started as an intern and now I’m an Engagement Lead.  The team has supported me on my journey. If you have a bad day everyone will jump to help you, support you, push you through it.  
  • Fun We have a good laugh. When the jobs done and if we reach milestones, we will go out and celebrate, which is great. It’s a flat structure where everybody connects with everybody and enjoys what they do. 

What does your role as Engagement Lead look like in a years time?

I want everybody, whether associate or employee to feel like they can be a part of LACE. I want us to stand out even more than we already do in terms our people and our culture. Bring on 2020! 

In November LACE Partners will be running another ‘LACEConnect’, which is an intimate event which gives individuals interested in becoming a LACEr, the chance to meet some of the team over a networking drink and find out what life really is like at LACE Partners. If you would like to attend then you can register here

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