Life @ LACE: Meet our Commercial Analysts Joe and Olivia!

by | Nov 17, 2023

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Life @ LACE: Meet our Commercial Analysts Joe and Olivia!

In this week’s blog we hear from our team of commerical analysts, new to LACE in September 2023! Joe and Olivia share what it was like joining and their experiences so far becoming embedded in the team. Read now to learn what it’s like being a LACEr as part of our Life @ LACE series – and if it sounds tempting, learn about our upcoming opportunities here.

Tell us, why did you decide to apply for your role at LACE? 

Joe: I had heard such great things about LACE from both people already there, and from various online sources. LACE sounded like the ideal modern workplace. It sounded like somewhere that genuinely cares about their people, not like companies who advertise free fruit for employees but otherwise provide the legal minimums in every respect for their employees.  


I had also seen that LACE had won various awards for being a great place to work, which made me really keen to be a part of such an exciting journey, whilst also feeling like a valued member of the team. Of course, the role itself sounded like a great opportunity too! 

Olivia: I applied for the role because I was excited at the opportunity to develop my research and analytical skills, which I saw was a focus point within the job description.  

I had also heard great things about LACE from the people who already work here, and seeing their CSR team and charitable efforts on LinkedIn, it seemed like a really great fit for me and somewhere where I can really develop and progress within my career. 


What were your first impressions and how was your onboarding 

Joe: From my first days and weeks being with the company, everyone made an effort to say hi and to make me feel welcome. Especially my family tree, they made me feel a part of the team straight away and for that I’m very appreciative.  

The induction we went through was also extremely informative. It was great to not only learn about what I’ll be doing, but also about what others do, and what LACE does, which included some really transparent insights into the company.  

Olivia: My first impressions were that this is a company that encourages and cares for their employees. We had sessions surrounding wellbeing in work and a deep dive into our specific working styles, so we could better understand ourselves and the ways we enjoy working. 

These were unique sessions that I felt put me, as an individual, at the forefront of my work here at LACE and really supported the idea of bringing your ‘whole self to work’. 


What are your career aspirations for the future? 

Joe: For me, one of my career aspirations is to actually make a difference to peoples’ lives. I know that every company says that they make a difference, but I think if you really think about it, they don’t. 

I’d like to have a measurable and significant difference on peoples’ lives, that leads to at least one person’s life being improved due to the fact that I was involved in it.

Olivia: My career aspirations would be to become a people manager, or director. I really love working and collaborating with people, and it would be really inspiring to manage a team one day and have a greater influence within the business.  

Ahead of that, my aspirations are to develop all my skills so I can feel really experienced within several areas surrounding commercial and data analytics.  


How do you think LACE can help you fulfil those ambitions?  

Joe: It was very easy to make the decision to be a part of LACE because it is absolutely a place that makes a genuine tangible difference. LACE are fundamentally different in that, already, they’ve improved the working lives of tens of thousands of people, if not hundreds of thousands.  

Working with clients, understanding them, co-creating alongside them, and then delivering a tangible difference is what we do, and I can’t wait to see how many more working lives we can improve, even if it’s just a little bit. 

Olivia: I had told LACE from the onset that these were career ambitions of mine, they made me feel comfortable to express these with them, as well as making me feel assured that these are achievable.  

Having such great role models around me and people who have been successful within this industry allows me to learn from them and understand what it takes to become successful.  


What have you learnt so far?  

Joe: So far, I’ve learned a lot about what LACE do. Having a law degree, I had little to no idea about HR or how LACE worked. After spending a few weeks here, I’m a lot more aware of this.  

I’ve also learned a lot about LACE’s ambition, as we butterfly into a medium sized company, LACE are more ambitious than ever. They’re always on the look out for the right people to take them forward, and always looking to set the highest possible goals which makes LACE a really exciting place to be right now. 

Olivia: I have learnt so much already! I think overall I have really developed my skills within a multitude of areas that will really help me excel within my career. I have also learnt about HR consultancy in general.  

Having a financial consulting background, it’s exciting to learn the differences between fields.I can’t wait to learn more surrounding data, market research and develop my presentation skills so that I can really grow.  


What are you enjoying most so far about your time with LACE? 

Joe: I’ve enjoyed the flexibility, despite being new to the company. The flexible working policy has made it possible for me to do so much more with my time.  

I’ve been able to see friends more often, save money on commuting, and go to the gym at more favourable hours. All these things combined does wonders for your mental health. I’m also really enjoying the people who work here. There’s no egos or unpleasant managers around, just 87 really lovely people who are a pleasure to work with. 

Olivia: So far, I am loving the inspiring culture and the people that I work with. They have beensuper helpful and friendly, which has been a really nice and welcoming experience. I also enjoy the flexibility that is so integral to LACE, it makes me feel I can be able to be myself while completing the work to the best of my ability within the different roles and tasks I may take on.  

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