New Year, New Intern: Ashley’s First Two Weeks at LACE

My first two weeks began with a party celebrating three amazing years of all things LACE. It was a fabulous venue for, as I was soon to find out, meeting my fabulous LACE colleagues. The acceptance of diversity and passion for what they do, shown by each member of the team, was refreshing and simply charming. I already knew I’d made the right decision to start working with LACE.

My actual first day with the team began with introductions over breakfast, around the corner from the London Bridge office. Each member of the team set aside time to explain their role and area of expertise. It was a fantastic icebreaker and a great way to start on the right foot.

I was immediately involved in the development of the 2018 LACE Strategy Plan and also attended a discussion about the impact of Artificial Intelligence on HR.

I’m keen to learn about the inner business operations of LACE’s network. LACE emphasises transparency and the team was more than accommodating to answer any questions I had.

This week has been another busy one. I’ve been out with one of our LACE project managers, to attend a client briefing and I attended a group conference in Berkhamsted. The experience has been fascinating and am already looking forward to more Berkhamsted trips in 2018.

Not only am I already involved in working closely with clients but I’ve also attended LACE’s very own team workshop. The day was great fun, incorporating LACE’s values whilst encouraging a welcoming space to learn more from each of the leadership team and about our 2017 achievements and 2018 goals. It was also a fantastic opportunity to hear the team’s ideas for the future of LACE.

Working with the LACE team has been extremely motivating. I’m so excited to work with such a passionate and genuine team and look forward to working on further projects.

Ashley Cary, LACE intern