How can talent acquisition be transformed to enhance its value?

by | Jun 8, 2023

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How can talent acquisition be transformed to enhance its value?

Adrian Thomas, a talent acquisition (TA) thought leader and non-executive director of the RL 100, joins the podcast to discuss various aspects of talent management with our host Chris and Executive Director, David Pacifico. RL100 is a peer network for senior in-house resourcing leaders. Adrian has worked for large companies in HR and recruitment roles, both in the private and public sectors. More recently, Adrian has been advising companies on optimising their recruitment processes and helping suppliers in the industry engage better with in-house recruiters. 

What are the current challenges in the talent acquisition industry?

It is down to a various of factors like the fallout from the recent pandemic, changes in work patterns, and fluctuations in salaries and job opportunities. Adrian suggests that TA leaders should take a moment to assess their current situation and consider how they can support those facing difficulties. He also mentions the need for re-evaluating the training programs for junior TA roles to create a career path within talent acquisition. 

Why isn’t TA seen as equal to HR?

Adrian argues that TA professionals should develop skills in data analytics, mathematics, and commercial awareness to compete with other functions in the organisation. By leveraging these skills and utilising appropriate tools, TA can have a proactive impact on the bottom line and contribute to managing the company effectively. Adrian emphasises the importance of looking beyond immediate hiring targets and adopting a more strategic and innovative approach to talent management. 

Does TA need to change the way it’s measuring success?

Adrian encourages TA professionals to stay updated with the latest practices and trends and move away from solely measuring success based on fill rates. He discusses the importance of metrics like targeting the right skills, measuring applicant quality and speed, and utilising predictive measures such as impressions to optimise recruitment strategies. 

 Listen now to learn how to enhance the value of your talent acquisition. 

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