The importance of engaging stakeholders in people analytics

by | Aug 16, 2023

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The importance of engaging stakeholders in people analytics

In the third part of our video series focused on the common trends in people analytics (you can read our whitepaper here), Julian from LACE once again talks to Olly Britnell from Philip Morris International, about why getting stakeholder buy in for People Analytics Teams are so important. Getting leadership to get behind what the People Analytics Teams are delivering is so valuable and Olly and Julian discuss some of his experiences over his career. What are the right analytics that should be used to solve a particular business issue? How crucial is it to be able to evidence and drive the outcomes – from a financial perspective – in the analytics that you are providing? These are just a couple of questions that both Julian and Olly discuss.

This was part two of the conversation that Julian and Olly had and if you’re interested in hearing the first discussion focused on the impact of getting the right technology infrastructure in place, you can do so here.

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