Meet the authors: Key takeaways in workforce transformation

by | Feb 16, 2024

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Meet the authors: Key takeaways in workforce transformation

We have recently launched our newest whitepaper, CPOs: From HR to Workforce Transformation. We interviewed business leaders, HR leaders and transformation specialist across 30 organisations from various industries on this topic. This whitepaper poses a number of questions to challenge the current perspectives around workforce transformation, alignment of HR and business outcomes and the importance of data and systems.

In this episode Chris is joined by two of the authors of our recent whitepaper, Julian Homes and Alice McCormack to discuss the challenges of terms such as ‘workforce transformation’ and its implications, and to also discuss the key themes. 

Some of the key themes discussed include: 

  • Acceleration of change 
    • Interviewees agree that the pace and extent of business changes are accelerating, driven by factors like technological advancements, mergers and acquisitions, and changing customer behaviour. 
  • The role of HR in transformation 
    • HR functions are increasingly being called upon to support business transformation efforts. This provides HR with an opportunity to step up and play a pivotal role in driving organisational change. 
  • The use of third parties
    • Organisations often engage with third-party consultants to support transformation efforts. However, some organisations have begun building in-house capabilities to manage transformation more effectively over the long term. 


How can HR shared services support in workforce transformation efforts?

When a transformation is taking place HR shared services can aid by providing operational efficiency, scalability and standardisation and consistency. Furthermore, there has been an emergence of in-house workforce transformation offices designed to build internal capabilities.

Listen now for the key takeaways from our latest whitepaper. This whitepaper is part of the prologue for our campaign, Demystifying the HR operating model.

'CPOs: From HR to workforce transformation' whitepaper

five steps to successful Ex whitepaper - employee experience revolution

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