Payroll consultancy support

How we can help:

  • Can you improve and optimise your existing payroll processes and how should you go about doing this?
  • Do you know what your future payroll should look like?
  • How can you run a fair and robust RFP process for selecting the right payroll provider?
  • How do you establish a project that will help deliver the change to payroll on time and on budget?

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How do you identify which payroll providers are best suited to your organisation?

Payroll is the most fundamental, and most visible, HR process for your employees. All your hard work advising and guiding the business goes to waste if employees are not paid correctly or on time. It is imperative, therefore, that you not only have a payroll that works but it is also cost efficient and aligns to your organisation’s strategy.

But how do you start to transform and improve a process that is so important to your employees, and runs on such a frequent basis? In a saturated market of payroll providers, how do you identify which is best suited to your organisation? And once a change has been decided upon, how do you ensure that it is implemented correctly, on time and with as little interruption as possible for your employees?


Our Services:

LACE Partners offers end-to-end payroll transformation support across the following areas:

  • Strategy and risk management – We will help you articulate the scope of your payroll transformation, collate and analyse the current operating model and develop proposals for the desired state
  • Vendor RFP and selection – This can be as simple as a conversation to help you understand the vendor marketplace, through to leading your formal payroll RFP process and providing objective guidance to help you engage and select the best vendor for your organisation
  • Assessment and optimisation – We will identify critical optimisation opportunities in current ways of working (e.g. process, technology and data, roles and capabilities, governance), helping you scale your payroll alongside your organisation
  • Programme governance – We will help you establish your payroll transformation programme including project plans, governance forums and implementation teams
  • Implementation – We will enable you to deliver your desired state payroll blueprint by putting into action the identified process, technology and data, roles and capabilities and/or governance improvements.

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Payroll business case and supplier selection

  • Workforce: 50,000 employees
  • Industry: Services industry
  • Project: LACE Partners were engaged to help the client select between three providers for the provision of a new cloud-based payroll provision. The change covered three countries and comprised of developing the business case for change and running a vendor selection process including demos with supplier scenarios.

Our work:

Payroll data analysis

  • Workforce: 30,000 employees
  • Industry: Aerospace and Transportation
  • Project: LACE Partners were engaged to capture and analyse current payroll data and then develop recommendations for subsequent optimisation initiatives, including the review of current vendor contracts, across the global payroll operating model in 40+ countries.

Payroll selection and outsourcing management

  • Workforce: 4,000 employees
  • Industry: Fashion retailer
  • Project: LACE Partners were engaged to align the clients Payroll to a new HRIS. This meant analysing the current payroll data, identifying critical issues with the payroll operating model, terminating the existing contract with the current provider, and selecting a new outsourced payroll provider to integrate with the new HRIS.

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