HR Shared Services Trends 2022 Report

by | Jul 13, 2022

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HR Shared Services Trends 2022 Report

In our 2022 HR Shared Services Trends Report, we share the findings from our latest pulse survey into how the HR shared services landscape is evolving in the post pandemic world. The research builds on the original question set from our 2020 ‘The Future of HR Shared Services’ white paper but importantly tests some new hypotheses, with a deeper dive into areas such as: service scope, continuous improvement, experience and, in particular, talent. Our 2022 trends survey was sent only to HR shared services directors from global companies, thereby keeping the respondent profile to a senior, strategic level.

The strapline of our 2020 report was ‘becoming people experience and solutions experts’. This year’s survey shows that HR shared service leaders are embracing the challenge and doing exactly that.


Read this whitepaper to understand the overall thoughts from HR shared services leaders across 44 global businesses, on topics such as:

  • The new services that are being brought into the scope of HR shared services in the next 12 months and use of outsourcing partners
  • Critical focus areas for experience, across both employee and line manager populations
  • How organisations are measuring success and the mechanisms in place for continuous improvement
  • The critical skills and behaviours for the next 12 months, along with how we are sourcing and developing HR shared services talent
  • The technologies HR shared services leaders are investing in
  • The key enablers for success over the next 12 – 24 months

Whilst this report is predominantly fact based, we also share some provocations and reflection questions. In 2022, HR shared services organisations are continuing to push into more specialist, business advisory areas and explore new avenues for sourcing and developing talent. But are we being bold enough?


Download our latest whitepaper

Meet the author:
Emma Leonis-Hughes, Client Executive Director, HR Transformation

Emma is an experienced, highly skilled HR transformation director, specialising in HR strategy and operating model design and implementation. She has led complex, global change programmes to effectively optimise how organisations deliver HR services and redefine the employee experience for both a ‘connected’ and ‘unconnected’ workforce, with clients across a multitude of industries within the Private Sector and Financial Services.

Emma Leonis

Emma spent over 10 years at Deloitte before joining LACE Partners in early 2018 as Executive Director of HR Transformation. She brings a pragmatic approach to transformation, working with clients to develop change plans which are simple, effective and always tied back to clear business outcomes. As well actively working with clients on change programmes, Emma leads LACE’s thought leadership into the future of HR service delivery and operating models and is passionate challenging HR leaders to achieve more.

Connect with Emma on Linkedin here or get in touch via email with questions at emma@lacepartners.co.uk



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