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I need to advance my people function

The Covid-19 pandemic has accelerated workplace change and shifted workforce expectations in unprecedented ways, putting HR teams and their ability to lead organisational change firmly in the spotlight. The People Function has never had a greater opportunity to drive change and business value.

Transforming HR is our passion at LACE – it’s what we love to do. We share your belief that people hold the key to business performance and we’ve worked with many clients to make a fundamental difference to HR’s ability to deliver real value.

How do we do that?

Since the beginning of the pandemic working life has changed a light speed; and continues to do so. As organisations adapt and optimise their ways of working we are ready to help make these ideas a reality.

We select, design, and deliver HR and digital solutions that can help your People Function emerge stronger for a future-fit organisation. Our team of experts will ensure you have the right capabilities to drive business value and a clear path to maximise your investment in technology.  

How we can help:

  • ‘Future fit’ assessment – a holistic review of your current HR target operating model across people, process, technology and tools, governance, skills, behaviours and mindset, aligned to your future strategic objectives
  • Building your HR transformation business case, including the case for change narrative, transformation roadmap, etc
  • HR operating model design and implementation, including organisation design
  • HR shared services optimisation
  • Process optimisation, through an operational effectiveness and experience lens
  • HR capability framework development
  • Line manager capability framework development
  • HR technology assessment, selection and implementation – across HCM / vertical solutions as well as service delivery technologies
  • People data analytics and insights.

What to expect:

There is no single blueprint which organisations can follow for successfully adapting to the new world of work. We’re passionate about designing experience-led people functions and making sure they connect the dots between HR’s purpose and wider business goals. Each of our team has their own ‘war stories’, having lived the end-to-end HR transformation journey either as consultants, HR practitioners or both, and brings these insights to help shape every project with our clients.

As an HR Director, you may be asking yourself:

  • How can we re-think our HR operating model to support our business strategy and stay aligned?
  • How do we maintain an agile People Function and continuously improve?
  • How do we build or optimise our HR Shared Services capabilities?
  • We have a large population of our workforce that are ‘unconnected’ – i.e. frontline, operational, field based. How do we best provide HR services to them so that they feel connected, engaged and empowered?
  • What skills, behaviours and mindsets should we be investing in across our HR teams and how do we go about this to make it sustainable?
  • How do we harness digital and analytics to create an intelligent People function that can support the business and provide the right insights?
  • What service delivery technology is best for us and how can we leverage leading technologies like AI, VR, blockchain etc.?

    The LACE approach:

    1. We understand you

    Through a combination of our experienced HR professionals and our propriety HR transformation diagnostic tool, we will determine your readiness for change across a number of dimensions (e.g. service maturity, HR capabilities, mindset and technology) and provide clarity and practical advice on where to focus your attention based on your business and people priorities.

    2. We inspire and challenge you

    One of our three core values at LACE is innovation and we bring a fresh, practical perspective on the future of HR. Through a combination of immersive sessions, such as your people ambition and the people function of the future (where we explore the ‘10 traits’ at the heart of every high performing people function and share examples from comparator organisations), we will energise and align your HR leadership team around a shared vision and the drivers of competitive differentiation – always linking back to your overarching business objectives.

    Whilst having a shared vision is important, key to your success will be the ability of the HR leadership team to effectively lead change from the front. Through acting as a critical friend, a fundamental part of our role is to help you do exactly that.

    3. We pave the way for you

    Over approximately six to eight weeks, our team will work with you to develop a high-level design for your future HR operating model which enables the effective delivery of your ambition and strategic priorities – be that optimising what you already have, or fundamentally transforming the status quo. This could include experience principles, future service offering, service delivery model and indicative teams and skills/behaviours. We pride ourselves on our pragmatic advice – a blueprint is of limited use without a practical plan to execute it. As such, we will also develop an implementation plan (covering people, process, technology and governance), indicative business case and case for change narrative. Together, these will help you gain internal buy-in to your future ambition and its associated recommendations, plus give you confidence in the immediate actions you need to take to maintain momentum.

    4. We co-create with you

    Our approach is inclusive, collaborative and engaging. We will involve a cross-selection of HR and business stakeholders in design and review sessions, combining virtual and face-to-face engagement channels and collaboration tools. Typical activities include: organisation design, HR capability development, detailed process design / optimisation, experience design, service delivery technology selection and design, line manager capability framework development and also overarching change management / adoption. Depending on your requirements, we have the depth and breadth of experience to create the future design of the overall HR operating model or a specific functional area – e.g. talent management, people analytics, HR shared services.

    5. We get it done

    We are more than just strategic thinkers. Depending on the nature of the project and your internal capabilities, we can provide experienced resources in the areas of HR transformation programme management, solution architect and solution assurance, experience testing advisory and change management.

    Case study

    Global consumer Products organisation

    Click through the project to learn how we did it. 

    Global HR operating model design – The objective of the global HR Transformation was to deliver more customer centric services at a lower cost base. LACE Partners were initially asked to conduct a short, strategic review of the client’s future HR operating model. Subsequently, LACE has helped the client drive the design and delivery of the HR operating model across the markets, defining the future OD, functional interactions, role definitions and  capabilities across all aspects of HR – with a particular focus on HR Shared Services (‘Product & Experience Delivery’).

    • Co-created four design principles which underpinned all design activity and future mindsets: feedback loop driven innovation, project based ways of working, consumer and employee centric, decision making at point of need.
    • Ran design sprint workshops across components of the HR service delivery model to baseline current thinking and address gaps, to ensure a robust overall design (e.g. account management, product management, service transition planning).
    • Developed future accountabilities, interaction models, workflow scenarios and critical role definitions including job profiles.
    • Mapped HR capabilities into four main groups: partnership, delivery, innovation and evolution, transformation.
    • New HR service delivery model with detailed accountabilities for each element. Changes from the existing model included alignment of user journeys, creation of relationship manager roles and the implementation of a new HR portal across mobile and desktop devices.
    • Working across teams, and developing scenarios, created a clear understanding of the interrelations, dependencies and interfaces between the HR functions and services.
    • Co-created the future OD across the senior HR leadership team and their areas, detailing sizing, supporting workforce plan and transition planning.
    • New high-level HR capability framework and view of critical skillsets by area of the HR TOM.
    • Defined a delivery plan for realisation of the OD for each functional area.

    Where are you in your journey? Perhaps we can help?

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