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Unlock the true potential of your organisation – HR and talent transformation. 
Today’s increasingly volatile and often ambiguous business environment is forcing businesses to transform at an unprecedented pace. As organisations continually evolve to stay competitive, HR must step up and demonstrate how they can drive value for the business – it needs to re-organise, build new capabilities and proactively respond.

HR leaders must therefore act as strategic advisors, addressing complex people and talent challenges while supporting the business strategy. To do this effectively, data-driven decision-making and transformational change are essential.

How we can help you:

A holistic approach to HR transformation
Are you looking to transform your HR function, but need a little help in making sure it is a success?

In our approach to HR transformation, we believe in taking a holistic, employee experience-led approach, considering all aspects such as digital transformation, organisational change and the functional HR operating model. We can guide you through the entire transformation journey and will focus on helping you clarify your goals, assess your readiness, address essential design questions and create a compelling case for change. We can help you avoid common pitfalls and gain buy-in from key stakeholders, to ensure the success of your transformation.

Unbiased advice on your digital journey
Looking to build out a digital roadmap for your HR projects but don’t know where to start?

While moving to the Cloud is inevitable, we understand that navigating the vast and complex HR technology landscape can be challenging. We provide practical assistance in building a digital roadmap and offer unbiased advice to help you select the right vendors and build a robust value case to get the investment you need to achieve your objectives.

Implementation and beyond
Are you looking to make sure your implementation is a success above and beyond the initial excitement of a new launch?

We can collaborate with your systems integrator (SI) to design and implement impactful solutions that align with your value case and create a positive experience for your people.  Beyond implementation, we are dedicated to supporting your long-term success by empowering your teams with the necessary skills and guiding you on continuous improvement.

Optmising your investments
How do you avoid getting buyer’s remorse when you have invested in something new for your business?

If your HR function is not reaching its full potential despite significant investments, we encourage taking a moment to reflect and rapidly optimise HR. By shifting to new behaviours, building new skills and leveraging technology, you can become more effective and responsive to your employees’ needs – maximizing the value of your investments.

‘CPOs: From HR to workforce transformation’ whitepaper

five steps to successful Ex whitepaper - employee experience revolution
What makes us fundamentally different:

We build a people function that delivers impact, with our HR operating model.

We realise your business value through HR transformation.

We fulfil your business strategy by maximising your investments with HR optimisation.

We provide agnostic advise on HR digital advisory and vendor selection that will impact your business.

Meet our team of experts

Aaron Alburey

Managing Director and co-Founder

Cathy Acratopulo

Managing Director and Co-Founder

James McLintic

Client Executive Director

Emma Leonis

HR Transformation Executive Director

Sian Beacham

Client Executive Director

Liz Sanders

Client Executive Director

Kat Bernades


Adam Morris

Senior Manager

Alice McCormack

Senior Manager

Becky Jones


Dawn Goodall


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Workday roadmap and technology selection for global leader in industrial software
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