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Due to ongoing economic uncertainty, rapid advances in digital automation, living in a post Covid-19 world and changes in workforce attitudes has meant the approach to talent, skills and learning has had to fundamentally change.  By optimising talent acquisition and learning and development functions, organisations can glean significant improvements to experience, workforce productivity and efficiencies, as well as support the engagement and retention of key talent. 

The move towards becoming a skills-based organisation will enable rapid responses to changing business models and technological advancements. To yield these benefits HR are required to re-imagine their core functions and competitive differentiation. However, a transformation of this scale requires a new strategic mindset towards a flexible workforce,, continual reinvention of skills and the imbuing the right culture to support it. 

This requires a fundamental shift in understanding the current and future workforce skills requirements, evolving the culture of the organisation and investing in HR technology to enable this.

How we can help you

Reimagine your talent roadmap

Are you striving to build out a world-class candidate experience through a talent acquisition transformation project, but need some help?

We help organisations to reimagine their talent, skills and learning approach to deliver a greater return on investment.    We work with your business and key stakeholders to develop a business aligned strategy and roadmap that’s fit for the future.

Build your skills and talent value case

Are you adopting a skills-based approach to identifying the future skills your business needs? Are you thinking about where you need to reskill parts of your business but you’re not sure where to start?

What talent technology do you have? Is it working for you? Are you able to articulate the benefits to the business?

We do an in-depth analysis of your functions, assess your technologies and develop a value case for how you may best optimise them.

Independent advice on the right tools to manage your talent

With so many different types of talent and skills technology out there in the market, where do you start? How do you know what is right for your business that suits your requirements?

We are vendor agnostic, so can provide an independent review and identify opportunities to deliver a greater return on investment via third parties.

What makes us fundamentally different:

We are experienced talent, skills and learning experts

We are technology agnostic, so can provide objective thinking for greater opportunities

We’ve been you, so know the challenges you face and can provide experience led insights

We are flexible and tailored in our approach

Meet our team of experts

Aaron Alburey

Managing Director and co-Founder

Cathy Acratopulo

Managing Director and Co-Founder

Emma Leonis

HR Transformation Executive Director

Global mining company - Talent Acquisition Transformation

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Talent acquisition transformation​ for global mining company
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