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Change and adoption

Delivering change that sticks!

Whether it’s tech implementation, culture change, employee experience, restructures, mergers, outsourcing or leadership development, we can help. 

We’re a people business, supporting your people function, and we know that even the best-intentioned projects will fail if people do not adopt or accept the changes. That’s why we help you look beyond what the change is and consider how it feels. Change that involves – even inspires – people is far more likely to succeed and unlock the benefits you seek.

How we can help you

Reduce resistance to change

Realise the benefits you planned for by ensuring users sustainably adopt and embrace new tools, processes and ways of working.
Even the strongest programmes fail if nobody adopts or accepts the changes. It is people, not just technology, that enable success and unlock the benefits you need. 

We help reduce resistance to change, increase leadership buy-in, establish a compelling case for change, engage people and establish new, lasting behaviours. 

Build long-term, sustainable change

As experienced change experts, we’ve ‘been there and done that’ gaining invaluable knowledge over many years of change management programmes for a variety of businesses of all different shapes and sizes. Our focus goes beyond basic tech and process adoption; we’ll delve into your culture and behaviours for lasting impact. 

We care about long-term, sustainable change, not just go-live launch readiness. Leveraging change analytics, we provide evidence-based results, proving and measuring our impact. 

Lead through change

We coach leaders to build their change skills and role model behavioural change. With tools and templates based on past lessons learned, we offer a head start on your transformation journey. 

To enhance your transformation, we collaborate with graphic design experts to produce high-quality, high-impact material. Trust us to be your catalyst for lasting change, unlocking the full potential of your organisation. 

What makes us fundamentally different:

We are seasoned change experts who have been there and done that.

We focus beyond basic technology and process adoption, looking at culture and behaviours.

We care about long-term, sustainable change, not just go-live launch readiness.

We coach leaders to build their change skills and role model behavioural change.

We bring tools and templates based on past lessons learned to get a jump start.

We harness change analytics to prove and measure our impact.

Meet our team of experts

Cathy Acratopulo

Managing Director and Co-Founder

Aaron Alburey

Managing Director and co-Founder

Dawn Goodall


Liz Bailey

Senior Manager

Ed Sparkes


Kat Bernardes


Gemma Ryall

Senior Manager

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